News About Production and Delivery

Update on 05/05:

Due to the COVID pandemic still affecting the aerial space on most countries, some carriers are taking longer than usual to deliver, please be aware of this.

Some countries closed their borders and airports not allowing us to ship at all. These orders will be sent as soon as possible.

Also, some countries are not receving liquids or serums right now so we are shipping them separated from the original order for FirmSkin. If you happen to receive just your FirmSkin and want to start using it right away, you can use any serum or gel available on a local store and you will receive your other FirmSkin products later.

Later this month, we are getting our new batch of stock available in the US warehouses again so orders can be shipped faster!

If you still have any questions, please email us at support@firmskin.co.

Thank you for your support,

The FirmSkin Team.


Update on 10/02:

All previous orders are being processed and shipped right now according to our suppliers even tough some factories are still closed. We are soon to be helding stock in our US and UK warehouses again for faster shipping and delivery!

Thank you for your patience, 

The FirmSkin Team.


Update on 06/02:

Previous delayed orders are being shipped again right now for most countries! If you didn't get your tracking number yet, you should be getting it on your email or phone until the end of the week if everything goes as expected!

Thank you for your understanding,

The FirmSkin Team.


Update on 28/01:

Due to the corona virus prevention, some of our factories and fullfillment centers in China will still be closed for a few more days, so order processing and shipping is expected to return on Feb 10. We will still be extending our sale today to accomodate the delay in shipping and delivery.

Thank you for your understanding,

The FirmSkin Team.


Lateste News on 17/01:

We are always looking to improve and give you better products and services.

Due to a huge demand we are having right now for FirmSkin, our production, processing and shipping may be delayed for orders from Jan 17 to Jan 30, to an average of 3 to 4 weeks instead of our regular shipping times.

If your order was not yet shipped, it should be shipped around Feb 2-3 with our new and upgraded brand!

We will not only ship your amazing products with some huge savings, but we are also using a few more days to:

- Produce our new and improved packaging and products

- Get a new quality control team to make sure our brand's quality is still top notch

- Get new suppliers to have our products shipped faster even in these huge spikes of sales

This was, we can give you the best products, at the best prices with the best quality and experience.

If you don't mind waiting a few more days, place your order right now and enjoy our extended 60% OFF sale clicking here! As soon as we ship your items we will send you the tracking number as usual!

The FirmSkin Team.